Standardising Google Analytics 4, Universal Analytics to be phased out in June 2023

Google Phasing Out UA

Google will begin to phase out Universal Analytics next year in an announcement made on the 16th March 2022

As of 1st July 2023, Universal Analytics properties will no longer track measurement data as it “stop processing new hits”, while Universal Analytics 360 properties will be discontinued on 1st October 2023, Russell Ketchum, director of product management at Google Analytics, wrote in a post.

“Without a modern measurement solution, you leave essential insights on the table that can impact your business. So now is the time to make Google Analytics 4 your cross-platform analytics solution.” he wrote.

Previously processed data in Universal Analytics will be stored and accessible for six months after the cut off dates.

Google Universal Analytic “was built for a generation of online measurements that was anchored in the web for desktop, independent sessions and more easily observable data from cookies”. This measurement is now becoming obsolete. With the introduction of Google Analytics 4, it now operates across platforms and does not rely on cookies, but an event-based data model to deliver measurements.

Google Analytics 4 has been designed with privacy at its core to provide a better experience, importantly Google Analytics 4 will also no longer store IP addresses. This aims to keep Google adhere to privacy regulations. Ketchum continues to add that “These solutions and controls are especially necessary in today’s international data privacy landscape, where users are increasingly expecting more privacy protections and control over their data”.

View the original post from Russell Ketchum here.

Google Phasing Out UA

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