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Keeping Your Website Up And Running

Website Maintenance

The world of technology and in particular web development is constantly moving at a fast pace. Keeping your website up and running smoothly can often prove tricky when links stop working or products and contents need updating. Websites that are left unattended will quickly become out of date. We are committed to building long term relationships and helping you every step of the way.

It doesn’t always have to be complex problems in protecting your brand, we can ensure that  if you have content updates, missing links or images not loading, we can help fix them. The last thing you need is to lose out on potential customers due to a change of an email address or contact details not reflected on your website. We have packages to suit your business needs.

Bespoke Websites

On the other hand, if your website is hand-coded and uses external scripts to make it function, these scripts may well require updating on your website as and when new versions are released.

Webdynamix Website Maintenance

WordPress Websites

Maintaining and updating a WordPress website can be intimidating. WordPress plugin conflicts and other problems can often arise after updates leaving you with a site that doesn’t load or with reduced functionality.  Uptime for websites is essential to meet the relentless demands of web users, so maintaining a healthy, stable and secure website has never been more important.

You will find that WordPress plugins will require to be regularly updated. Failing to do this, can leave your website vulnerable to hackers. We can carry out WordPress updates, plugin updates, WooCommerce updates or any themes and templates.  WordPress maintenance comes with a host of questions.  How often should you update? What happens when something breaks?  How do you stop your website being hacked?  Take the hassle out of maintaining your website with our monthly WordPress maintenance package and ensure your site stays healthy.

Webdynamix WordPress

WordPress Services

WordPress Updates

Monthly WordPress updates and automated security releases.

Theme Updates

Monthly updates to your WordPress theme so you benefit from all the latest improvements.

Plugin Updates

Install monthly WordPress plugin updates to secure any vulnerabilities and speed.

Pre & Post Update Site Check

Ensure plugins compatibility and security flaws before updates and then following updates, your site will be checked to ensure there are no issues.

Health Check

A monthly health check to identify potentially problems.

Security Malware Scans

Automated malware scans to monitor possible threats to your website.


Backups of your database and WordPress website to keep your site and content safe.

Security Alerts

24/7 security monitoring with  email alerts to your site .

Monthly Feedback

You will be notified each month after the maintenance has been completed with a status report.

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